Vote No On Prop. 2!
Vote NO on November 7th!

Idaho Taxpayer Nightmare: Costly for Taxpayers, Harmful to Neighborhoods.

• Proposition 2 allows speculators to dodge local planning laws, forever changing the character of our neighborhoods and rural lands. Under Prop 2, speculators could build a junkyard, power plant or high rise next to your house, or taxpayers would have to pay them not to.

• Proposition 2 will cost Idaho taxpayers millions ­ if not billions ­ all going to speculators and special interests. Paying for claims and lawsuits related to Prop 2 will jeopardize funding for schools, public safety and other important services.

• Proposition 2 has been paid for by rich, out-of-state special interests particularly New York City real estate tycoon Howard Rich.

Who are the losers if Prop. 2 passes?

Taxpayers: Idaho taxpayers will pay millions ­ if not billions ­to irresponsible developers and special interests. A neighboring state passed a similar measure in 2004 and taxpayers in that state now face over $5 billion in claims from developers. Paying for claims and lawsuits related to Proposition 2 will jeopardize funding for schools, fire, medical and other important services.

Farmers & Ranchers: Proposition 2 will open the door for uncontrolled development next to farm and ranch land. The inability to enforce local land use rules will lead to increased speculation and inflated property values for land and increasing property taxes ­ forcing family farms and ranches out of business.

Homeowners: Local voters & homeowners rely on local planning to protect their property values and their community’s standards. Proposition 2 would undermine the ability of local voters to decide what types of projects are appropriate for their neighborhoods and how their communities should grow.

Businesses: Businesses will face uncertainty. Proposition 2 will undermine the local planning safeguards that investors and businesses count on to make investments with confidence. Local land-use approvals will come to a halt while courts sort it all out ­ delaying and increasing the costs for worthy local projects.

Vote NO on Proposition 2 on November 7
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