Staff Report—Curley et al., Petition to Amend Comprehensive Plan

RECOMMENDATIONS: Staff recommends that before any decisions or recommendations are made on the future use of the subject property that the entire area be zoned to FR and that no additional action be taken until:
1. The appropriate land use studies are done showing that the existing designation is the most appropriate per City Zoning Code 2-3.A, per the first paragraph of the Land Use Element of the Plan (pg. 13-3) (i.e. what are the “probable future needs” of the city as they relate to commercial land designations), and per Implementation Policy #1 of the Economic Development Element; and

2. Commercial land availability/suitability studies have been done that are in compliance with the Plan’s Agriculture land use designation guidelines (pg. 13-6) and ACI Implementation Policies (pp. 13-8 and 13-9); and

3. The Commission has adequately addressed per the Plan the criteria for considering proposals to change the Comprehensive Plan Map for AF zoned land in the ACI, to a designation that would allow commercial or industrial uses (pg. 13-10)

Staff Presentation at the March 22, 2006 P&Z hearings

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[ This is not a group to debate the merits of a SuperWalmart in Moscow, Idaho. 
The intention of this group is to defeat a Super Walmart project.

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