Moscow Planning and Zoning Commission Rejects
SuperWalMart Rezone.

Voting 4 to 1 with 1 abstention, Moscow P&Z denied the Walmart developer request to rezone 77 acres belonging to the Thompson family to Motor Business. The general sentiment of all members was the scale was too large for Moscow and invited the developer to reapply with a mixed use approach that better fits the community.

Thanks to everyone who signed a petition, talked to a friend,
and attended or spoke at the public hearings!

Our Yes Moscow, No SuperWalMart! message is being heard.

Several P&Z members remarked that the public testimony on the rezone was a remarkable telling of our vision for the entire community and not the usual NIMBY opposition they were expecting. Please come to the public hearing on March 22nd and continue presenting your eloquent vision† of what Yes Moscow! means to you.

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Moscow City Coucil Public Hearing
Monday June 4th, 7:00 pm, Council Chambers, City Hall.

all City Council meetings
and Planning & Zoning meetings are held in the City Hall,
206 East Third Street.

The inaugural issue of Wal-Mart Watch's issue paper, In Depth, focuses on gender discrimination at Wal-Mart and the massive class action lawsuit female employees are waging against the company. More info, or download Spring 2007 issue (pdf).

"Is Walmart Good for America?"
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[ This is not a group to debate the merits of a SuperWalmart in Moscow
The intention of the group is to defeat a Super Walmart project.

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