Its our turn to tell the City what we want Moscow to look like.
The Moscow Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing at 7:30pm, March 22, on an application submitted by five Moscow area citizens and business owners to amend the Comprehensive Plan Map in the southeast corner of the City opposite the Moscow Cemetery. Never before have local citizens taken the initiative to make the bedrock planning policy of the City, the Comprehensive Plan, fit their vision for the future of Moscow.

On June 6, 2005, the City of Moscow approved an amendment to the Citys Comprehensive Plan Map designating 81 acres opposite the Moscow Cemetery as Extensive Commercial (EC). Then Mayor Comstock cast the tie-breaking vote approving the amendment that night after half the council voted to delay to give the public more time to consider the issue. On November 10, 2005, a Spokane developer announced their intention to develop 77 of those acres as a large-scale retail shopping center of up to 1.5 million square foot of retail space including a Walmart SuperCenter. On March 8, 2006 the Planning and Zoning Commission voted to deny the Walmart rezone finding that large-scale big-box development did not fit Moscow. The appropriate next step is to amend the Comprehensive Plan to allow development of uses that fit. That step will be taken on March 22nd.

Moscow is at a crossroad.
Suburban big-box vehicle-dominated sprawl does not have to be our future. With the denial of Walmart’s rezone request, the first step has been taken to a new future for Moscow.

We can choose another direction.
We can choose smart growth.
We can choose local businesses over big-box chains.
We can choose a lively urban center over shuttered downtown storefronts.
We can choose neighborhoods over dead end cul-de-sacs.
We can choose people over cars.

We can choose a vibrant Moscow where people matter.

There is no allowance in the current comprehensive plan to allow for the type of mixed-use smart-growth development that we believe Moscow needs. Our request is that the area be designated, for now, as Low Density Residential or other less intensive use than Extensive Commercial for the roughly eastern 2/3 of the area and as Light Industrial for the western portion to accommodate expansion of the Alturas Industrial Park. This prevents the immediate development of big box superstores on the 81 acre site and gives Moscow the ability to create a new type of development that is people friendly, bike and walking friendly, easier on the environment, and supportive of local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Please join us. Ask the City to approve the proposed Plan amendment and say
Yes, Moscow!

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Moscow City Coucil Public Hearing
Monday June 4th, 7:00 pm, Council Chambers, City Hall.

all City Council meetings
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[ This is not a group to debate the merits of a SuperWalmart in Moscow
The intention of the group is to defeat a Super Walmart project.

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