Annexation of Parcel
Application for Rezone.pdf
Application Rejection Discussion Memo.pdf
City Rejection of Application.pdf
Memo on Comp Plan Change.pdf
Rezone & Preliminary Plat Comments.pdf
Rezone Appl Corrections.pdf
Traffic Scope & Data.pdf
Application Receipt

BIG BOX TOOLKIT - Countering Mega-Retailers,
    Rebuilding Local Business

Social Science Quarterly: Wal-Mart Equals Higher Poverty Rates
Retail Demand Profile for Moscow, Idaho
Prepared by Kennedy Smith of the CLUE Group, LLC April 25, 2006
Water Liability- Presented by the Palouse Water Conservation Network
Traffic Study- Prepared by the Greenlight Engineering
Retail Caps for Retail Glut- Smart Growth Tools for Main Street
Big Boxes vs Older Malls: Case Study by Jeanne Leffingwell

Talking Points and More
February 22, 2006 P&Z hearing
March 8, 2006 P&Z hearing
March 22, 2006 P&Z hearing
Report on 3/22 comp plan hearing
City staff doing Walmart's dirty work?
May 1, 2006 City Council hearing

courtesy of Radio Free Moscow- support local free radio.
Radio Free Moscow

February 22, 2006 P&Z application hearing (mp3)
part 1
part 2

May 15, 2006 City Council Meeting
Aaron Ament (7 minutes, 31 seconds - 14 megabytes)
John Dickinson (6 minutes, 18 seconds - 12 megabytes)
Bill Lambert (4 minutes, 33 seconds - 8.6 megabytes)
Bob Stout (2 minutes, 45 seconds - 5 megabytes)
John Weber (2 minutes, 34 seconds - 5 megabytes)
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Moscow City Coucil Public Hearing
Monday June 4th, 7:00 pm, Council Chambers, City Hall.

all City Council meetings
and Planning & Zoning meetings are held in the City Hall,
206 East Third Street.

The inaugural issue of Wal-Mart Watch's issue paper, In Depth, focuses on gender discrimination at Wal-Mart and the massive class action lawsuit female employees are waging against the company. More info, or download Spring 2007 issue (pdf).

"Is Walmart Good for America?"
watch PBS-Frontline here

[ This is not a group to debate the merits of a SuperWalmart in Moscow
The intention of the group is to defeat a Super Walmart project.

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