To: Mayor , City Council, Mayor Elect and City Council Elect

From: Gray J. Riedner, City Supervisor

Date: November 10th, 2005

Re: Wal-Mart Application Receipt

Today, the City of Moscow Community Development Department received an application for development from Dean Logsdon, Senor Project Manager for CLC Associates, Inc., 12730 Mirabeau Parkway, Suite 100, Spokane Valley, Washington 99216 (509) 458-6840, for location of a Wal-Mart Super Center within the City of Moscow. The development is proposed to be located at the southeast corner of State Highway 8 and South Mountain View Road in Moscow, extending to East Palouse Drive.

The application review will be overseen by the City of Moscow Community Development Department and requests the rezone of 77.6 acres to the City's Motor Business (MB) Zoning District, as well as a preliminary plat approval. A rezone and preliminary plat each require a public hearing before the City's Planning and Zoning Commission and second public hearing before the Moscow Council.

In addition, the proposed development will be required to comply with the City's Large Scale Retail Emergency Ordinance #2005-27, which was passed by the City Council on August 15,2005. The emergency ordinance is in place for 182 days, after which the ordinance expires.

The emergency ordinance requires that a developer obtain a Conditional Use Permit prior to the issuance of a building permit of any retail facilities in excess of 40,000 square feet. The Conditional Use Permit Process requires a public hearing before the City's seven-member Zoning Board of Adjustment, at which time the Zoning Board of Adjustment can require that certain conditions be met by the development prior to approval.

Specific conditions subject to consideration under the emergency ordinance include:

Large scale retail sales enterprises subject to consideration and potential conditions and mitigation related to matters including, but not limited to the following:

(a) Square footage of aggregated roof area and/or gross floor area,

(b) Building dimensions,

(c) Building visibility relative to neighboring streets and lands,

(d) Building appearance, relative to architectural features, rooflines and rooftop equipment, materials, colors, windows, scale, and visual relief,

(e) Conformance to any adopted, related architectural feature or design review standards or guidelines,

(f) Signage,

(g) Parking lot design, including landscaping, location on the lot, and size,

(h) Site location relative to existing and future streets, trails, and public transit routes and stops,

(i) Pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, safety and user friendliness,

(j) Landscaping or other buffering,

(k) Noise,

(l) Water, sanitary sewer and/or storm sewer infrastructure impacts,

(m) Storm water quality,

(n) Traffic impacts,

(o) Building location on the lot,

(p) Outdoor sales, storage and display areas,

(q) Fencing,

(r) Garbage and recycling area location and screening,

(s) The possibility of building vacancy over an extended period of time,

(t) Effect on existing and anticipated or desired development patterns, and

(u) Social, economic, fiscal and/or environmental effects of the proposed conditional use.

The above-mentioned matters shall be considered and may be conditioned in addition to the provisions of Sec. 8-4 of the Zoning Code.

The development application states, "The applicant proposes to relocate and expand the existing Wal-Mart facility from its current Warbonnet Drive location is west Moscow to the recently annexed parcel of land east Moscow. This relocation and expansion will include the construction of a 203,819 sq.ft. Wal-Mart Super Center on approximately 31 acres of land located southeast of the intersection of highway 8 and MountainView Road. The proposed Super Center will include grocery, general merchandise, pharmacy, garden center, a tire and lube express and a ten pump fuel station. In addition, the project will provide areas for merchandise and grocery unloading facilities, vendor delivery areas and approximately 1,038 off-street parking stalls with associated landscape and drainage facilities."

The application has not yet been reviewed by City staff and no public hearings will be scheduled until the application has been reviewed by staff and deemed to be complete. This process is anticipated to take approximately one month. Please contact me if you have any further questions or need any additional information regarding this matter, and I will keep the Council updated as information becomes available.

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